Game Console Repair

Game Console Repair

We have been repairing game consoles for 10 years which gives us an edge on our competitors.


HDMI Port Replacement

Damaged your HDMI port?

This is a difficult job, but our technicians are up to the task!

Internal Cleaning

Overheating is the leading killer of video game systems.

We can perform comprehisive internal cleanings to help ensure a long life for your console.

Drive Replacement

System stop reading games, dvd, or bluray?

Drive not accepting or ejecting discs?

Drive replacement may solve your problem!

PSU Replacement

No signs of power?

Commonly power supply failure may be the culprit!

Bring it in for diagnostics today!

Hard Drive Replacement

Hard drive failed, or just want to upgrade for more storage?

We have the tools to get you back online, and gaming today!


Our lead technican brings 10+ years of experience to the table to ensure you get a comprehensive repair the first time.


Want to get back gaming as quickly as possible?

Expedite services avaialble just for you!