Phone/Tablet Repair

Phone & Tablet Repair

Our phone/tablet technicians have been performing repairs in the Golden Triangle for longer than any of our competitors!

We are here and ready to help assist you with any issues you may be experiencing!

Supported Brands










Screen Replacement

Broken screen?

We maintain a large inventory of Apple, Samsung, LG, and other screens to provide you the fastest repair service in the area.

Charging Issues

Experiencing charging issues?

We can help! Parts for more common models are in stock, and ready for use repairing your device!


camera replacement

Front and/or rear camera not working?

We can get you back snapping beautiful memories as quickly as possible!

battery replacement

Battery life just not what it used to be?

We stock many batteries, and can have odd models in stock in 1-2 days!

Button Replacement

Power, home, or volume button difficulties?

We are ready to perform these types of repairs!

Microphone Replacement

Person no the other end of your call having trouble hearing you?

Microphone replacement may be just what you need!

Aux Replacement

AUX jack failing?

We can get you back listening to your audio and video in a timely manner.

Liquid Damage

Get your device wet?

Liquid damage can be a touchy, but we can frequently get your device back in working order!

and much more...

We can help with virtually all phone, or tablet related issues.

If you don’t see it here be sure to call, or email to request more information!